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Clare Topping

This is not a blog that is going to set the world on fire or change it in any way. I am not an eco warrior or even a conservation volunteer, I own a car and I enjoy much of the technology that modern life has to offer. I am just an ordinary, short person in their mid thirties who has recently come to the conclusion that as I get older I am turning into more of a tree hugger.

I have always had a passing interest in the outdoors, but I find myself getting more and more concerned about the throwaway, everything now society that we seem to be living in. I think it is the attitude of those around me that is making me think more and more about what affect my actions have (as well as the increasing availability of organic produce in Waitrose).
This blog will share my attempts to live in a way that has less impact on the environment, and hopefully, allow me, through my ramblings to form a coherent opinion on matters that I feel are important to the way I live my life. Please forgive any rants that may appear on this site.

I will also post on this blog my observations on my environment, particularly the other flora and fauna which I am lucky enough to share it with.

If you have anything else to ask email me at ctopping@enviro-mentalist.org.uk.

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