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  1. New Year Plant Hunt

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    Flushed with the success of actually completing a nature survey last year (Bumble Bee Conservation’s Bee Walk) I decided to start the New Year off with more naturing and decided to look for flowering plants to submit to BSBI ‘s New Year Plant Hunt.  I’d had a bit of a look round Daventry last week and saw quite a few plants in flower including daisies and clover so I was hopeful it wouldn’t be a complete dud.

    I should mention, that I am at least as bad at recognising plants as I am bees, but I took my camera with me to get some shots so I stood a slight chance of finding out what they were at some point.  Unfortunately, a lot of the shots were not very good, but I still managed an ID of all the plants.  Final count was 15!  Not bad for an hour of looking around housing estates in Daventry really.  (I also found a couple of mushrooms as well that I am hoping I have ID’d).

    These are two of the shots I’m not ashamed of, first Blackthorn flowering over two months earlier than I would have expected and then a plant I have seen quite often but never recognised; green alakanet.  I had thought it was a member of the speedwell family, but it isn’t.  I am not surprised to discover it is a member of the Borage family – I thought those leaves looked familiar!

    blackthorn green alkanet

    The full list of flowers that I found is as follows:

    • Common Daisy
    • Common Dandelion
    • White Dead Nettle
    • Red Dead Nettle
    • Common Groundsel
    • Common Ragwort
    • Common Whitlow Grass
    • Common Field Speedwell
    • Green Alkanet
    • Creeping Buttercup
    • Common Mouse Ear
    • Common Bittercress
    • Shepherd’s Purse
    • Blackthorn
    • Smooth Sow Thistle.

    The word common means that these should not be a surprise, but I have learned the names of 5 new flowers already and it is only the second of January!

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