Autumn Tidy Up

I decided that as I am on holiday this week, and have been particularly stressed at work for the last couple of weeks, I should take the opportunity to do something useful and therapeutic. So, I decided to tidy up the back garden, get rid of the courgette plant that seemed to have become home to half of the county’s blackfly population. However, nature, and a growing interest in photography conspired to scupper my well-intentioned plans (not that this is difficult being easily distracted / lazy by nature). Anyway, I was busy tidying up the tomatoes (will they ever ripen, and, if they do, will I get to them before the slugs?) when I spotted :

Garden Spider

Even my modest garden in the middle of a housing estate seems to be teeming with life at long last. I spent part of the morning watching birds on the feeder (I was particularly pleased to see a coal tit popping in and out of the garden), then I discovered various kinds of fungi, and found a frog (was he lost? a matter of opinion – his or mine) hiding under the courgette – until I threw it in the bin (that was the courgette, not the frog in case you are wondering).

Just in case you are wondering about the black and white – I am reading a book about taking black and white photographs and felt like it!

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