My photography isn’t getting much better.

I had planned to go for a spot of birdwatching at Brandon Marsh this weekend, but unfortunately wasn’t feeling too well and so decided not to venture too far from home.

Saturday – a short walk to the Country Park with camera and binoculars, but no scope. I thought that I would see if I could take any better pictures of the ducks that are usually near the Visitor’s Centre. In particular I was hoping to get a picture of the drake Scaup that was a first for me (birding talk) a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, although it was showing well (more birding talk!) I couldn’t get any good pictures (due to my own technical incompetence and oversight). Still, undeterred I sharpened and cropped a picture that I took a couple of weeks ago and felt a bit better – results below.

Drake Scaup

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