Not as fuzzy cormorants

I decided today that I would make another attempt at digiscoping. However, this time I thought that it would be a better idea to choose somewhere with a bit more shelter (and comfort), so somewhere with a hide. Therefore off I toddled to Brandon Marsh where, although the birds may not be the most plentiful or exotic, there are always good views from the hides.

I started off marvelling at the detail that I could see through my still lovely and new scope before attempting to take some pictures of teal (after waiting for the other birdwatchers to leave the hide and save my embarrassment). Two lessons learnt, ducks are awkward and only stick their heads out of the water when you don’t have your camera ready and I still need that scope adapter thingy for my camera. (Hence the remarkably poor pictures as demonstrated below).

Unco-operative Teal

Having learnt from lesson one I thought that I would be a bit more cunning and thought I would find a more co-operative subject.

Hence I fell back on the old favourite, cormorants. This time they were perched on posts and not on a constantly moving boat – very cunning indeed. So I duly waited until everyone had gone before taking my pictures, and was rewarded with what are still pretty poor shots, but which were nonetheless better than last time.

Less Fuzzy Cormorant

As for the second lesson, I have decided not to take my camera with me until I have bought the adapter. It is next to impossible to focus the scope, hold the camera still and capture the moment that the bird is actually looking at you all at the same time.

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