Brandon Marsh

On the way back from Ryton I called in to Brandon Marsh nature reserve to see if there were any insects or flowers about that would present a photo opportunity (for that read: I had a camera and no binoculars or scope with me).

I wasn’t expecting much in the way of birdlife, Brandon is often an all or nothing place but I was hopeful of some damselflies.   What was there?  Well, not much, one elusive dragonfly and some comma and white butterflies amongst the brambles with nothing overly exciting from a botanical point of view.  From an ornithological point of view there seemed to be more birds about than normal at this time of year when many of the areas are completely empty.  The highlight were green sandpipers and oystercatchers (the latter easy to recognise even without optical gear).  

I became more hopeful when I reached the Carlton hide which is usually deserted, but on Saturday was filled with birdwatchers and photographers.  However, I think they were there in the hope of seeing and photographing a kingfisher or hobby rather than because of something that was actually there.  The massed ranks were satisfying themselves with shooting (in a photographic sense) a heron that seemed to be posing for them.  Not having the patience to wait for a bird that may or may not turn up and not having a gigantic lens requiring a sherpa to help move it I wandered off to look for other things.

 I had to satisfy myself with this photo of a different heron.