There were more new visitors to the garden today. I was alerted to the fact by the huge amount of noise coming from outside whilst I was making my breakfast. Sure enough, a nest of great tits must have recently fledged and were visiting the garden. I was a little concerned because the adult was feeding them sunflower hearts, although it did seem to be breaking it down a little. So, out I went into the rain to pop some more mealworms out, and, after watching me for a bit, off they flew, and didn’t come back. I waited, I shooed away some sparrows (who seem to have taken a leaf out of the starlings’ book), they came back with many a noisy pathetic-looking chick to show me why they were taking all of the mealworms, but the great tits stayed away.

They were back by the time I got back from work this evening, and the adult, when the juvenile goldfinch would let him, was feeding them sunflower seeds again (even though I hadn’t learnt any lessons and tried the mealworms again).