I am very excited –  it does not take much I know – anyone who has spoken to me about bees will realise this.  However, the reason for the excitement is my gooseberry bush (Invicta).  Although it is a bit early to be picking them, we are getting our windows replaced tomorrow and I am worried they would be knocked off.

Why so excited.  Well, prior to this year, the biggest harvest we have had was a massive 6 gooseberries.  This year I have over half a kilo!  Moving the plant  to the front of the house and putting it next to the rosemary also seems to have distracted the sawfly for this year at least – all the leaves are pretty much intact.  I just have to work out how to prune them now.

I have also picked the first sweet peas of the year – not many, but I am experimenting by putting them in the front garden, the plants in the back do not seem to be showing much sign of flowering yet, so this also seems to be paying off.  Next year I need to find some nice looking supports so I can put them all in the front garden.