There’s a lot to be said for staying local.

Whilst the idea of staying local has many opportunities of expression in the world of sustainability, I am talking about nature watching.  I have a fondness for the Brandon Marsh nature reserve near Coventry and sometimes go over there for a treat  – especially when it is my birthday.  I think the fondness stems from my first sighting of a hobby there which chased dragonflies across the front of the Carlton Hide.   So, as I had some days off work I decided to pop over there, telescope at the ready for a bit of birdwatching.

Whilst in the past I have seen a little egret there and last year got great views of cuckoos, if I am honest, every time I’m asked ‘how was it?’  I always haverot answer ‘it was very quiet’.  When I look at the sightings page I see other people have spotted bitterns, redpoll, water rails – I don’t expect to see them myself (although the bittern is something I would dearly love to see).  So, I wonder why I go.  I think it is partly for the hot chocolate and cake – an additional treat that I allow myself from the tea rooms there.

I think I might have been too early in the year, but I have to say it was quiet there on my recent visit.  I did see oystercatchers, but other than that, there were goldeneye, gadwall, shoveller ducks, nuthatches and the usual gulls, crows and a chiff chaff.  Not bad, but with the exception of the oystercatcher I can regularly see all of the others at Daventry Country Park.  (I’ve also seen hobbies chasing birds and a little egret there as well)  I did see some bees that I wouldn’t see in Daventry, but that was about all.  And, as for the hot chocolate and cake – the usual array of homemade cakes wasn’t on display and the price had gone up.

I think I’ll stick to birding in Daventry in future – and maybe take my camera along to look for insects instead next time I’m tempted to Brandon Marsh – they also are home to some fantastic demoiselles!

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